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Hey hey guys,

In all the beautiful excitement I realised I may have not let you guys in on the exciting improvements that have been happening.

Your Wild Life has moved to our very own website at http://www.yourwildlife.com.au. head on over, take a look and sign up to receive any updates and info fun things that are happening for 2014. 

So much has been happening, I only send things to your inbox if they are ultra awesome, so if you want to be kept in the loop of my blog’s, I link them to my FB page https://www.facebook.com/yourwildlife101

Thank you so much for your support and deciding to follow me and YWL. Things are growing, moving, and getting a whole lot more fun.

I hope to see you there 🙂

Love KT. 


We shall call it….?????

I LOVE a good chat.

Ever sat down with one of your best girlfriends and got everything off your chest?

Asked the big questions and feel instantly better?

Well what happens when your friends move and life get’s busy and sometimes you just need a little advice or perspective?

I’ll tell you, you reach out, or go without.

Each week I have been getting some beautiful questions to my inbox through Your Wild Life and I got to thinking. If one of your most fabulous selves want’s to know these answers, perhaps more of you do. Lets share these questions, and have ourselves one super giant, thought provoking girly chat.

The thing is, I don’t know what to call this section. Any ideas? I would LOVE your help with this. Post below if you can think of something…this need’s a title.

So now whenever I get some questions on health, fitness, balance, life lessons , wellness or if someone is simply after some advice, I’ll share in the hopes that you might get something from it to.

Now I don’t profess to know everything, I wouldn’t want to. Learning is way to much fun.  Im not a psychologist, but I do have a unique spin on things, and I have learned the hard way. There are always a million way’s to make porridge so this is purely the world according to Katie. My experiences, my knowledge, all with a unicorny twist and a TON of blonde ambition.

Sound good???

One beautiful woman wrote to me asking about TRUST. Did I have any advice on it?

Such a good question and it requires a REALLY broad answer. Now we all know once trust is lost it’s a really hard thing to get back. I am a huge believe in this quote.

Believe them

This goes for both the good and bad. So often we get caught with a paintbrush in hand, so busy trying to create a different picture then the one we are actually seeing. In the case of someone who wrong’s us, often we give them excuses or scenario’s in which it allow’s their behaviour to be ok.

Anyone done that? GUILTY!

Now I am all for putting a POSITIVE spin on everything, however making excuses for someone is a different story. We don’t hold the brush when it come’s to people’s actions, they do. This could be in work, friends or family or relationships. If someone does something and you get that niggly feeling in your tummy that tell’s you this is off, or this is fishy and you don’t like it. That’s your intuition. LISTEN TO IT. Its there for a reason. Life is not like Instagram.  You can’t just put a different spin on things by changing the filter and pray for a different result when it comes to others treatment of you. When someone show’s you their true colour’s, BELIEVE THEM. Take your power back and see things as they are. #No Filter.

Now, on the beautiful flip side of that, there are some WONDERFUL people out there who WANT to do right by you. They WANT to make you happy. You being happy, make’s them happy. YAY for those hero’s.

If you have encountered the nasties and the manipulators first, it’s going to make you a little hesitant to TRUST and believe that there is someone who is actually trying to make your heart light.  Once again, if they show you who they are…BELIEVE them. Maybe they are one of the good ones… ? If you don’t allow them in, how will you ever know? I trust EVERYONE until I get that niggly feeling and then I watch. I am a little more guarded. I choose to believe that people are mostly good. That’s the world I want to live in. GOOD NEWS DAILY. All puppies find homes, peace love and mung beans all year round. I don’t profess all my hope’s and dreams and fears, plus where I will see myself in 5 years to the person down the street, but I do choose to believe they have a good heart.

Now relationship wise, you meet someone, they earn your trust, you let your guard down. Then what? Worst case scenario they turn out to be a douche, or a slippery gypsy, you will see the signs, and you will bail faster then cat on a hot tin roof.

You will also get over it. You will learn a different lesson and you will grow.

Your track record for surviving shitty things so far is 100% success rate, so things are looking good 🙂

Best case…. friend for life or happily ever after.

We need to let people in to our trust tree. We also need to be aware that not everyone deserves to stay there. Choose who you give your time to wisely. Choose to be with those who leave you feeling better then when you came. These are the ones that fill your LOVE, and SOUL cups… they are the keepers.

You choose how you are treated in this life. We only accept the treatment we believe we deserve.

So… how do we feel now?


Realise who deserves to be in your life and who should be shown the door?

You deserve the VERY best, and I hope you find the strength and courage to get it.


Love Katie.

Project life pause, Part 2…

Choose Joy

Let me catch you up.

When I am writing this, it is my second last day on the retreat. This has been one mixed bag of emotions, let me tell you.

Let me walk you through a day in the life of a Gwinganna Warrior.

Every day start’s with a knock on your door at 5:20am, to which I respond with the cheeriest “GOOD MORNING” you have ever heard. I am determined to show that I am a morning person ( why, I don’t know).  I am used to getting up at 3:50am so I stop this wake up ritual after a couple of days, just to allow my morning to unfold uninterrupted. That’s what I need. To get away from my self imposed schedule. BIG TICK FOR ME.

Each morning I meet everyone at 6:30am for our choice in activity. Everyday, bar today, I have chosen the YANG option. YAND being the heart starter’s. These have been some of the toughest hikes and interval training I have ever experienced. I must say I felt rather chuffed with myself on completion of each. One day, I even won a hat…FIST PUMP FOR ME 🙂

Breakfast is always at 8am and we are greeted with a cold buffet of gluten free cereals and organic stewed fruits, then we also have the hot option of Organic eggs which changes daily. Now, I am a breakfast girl. I could eat breakfast ALL day. ALLLLLLL DAY.  Top that off with a beautiful herbal tea, and I am finally tasting the food for hat it really is. My tastebuds have acclimatised and the food has come alive again.

I have discovered the ultimate healthy chicks cereal combo with home made almond milk and I am one happy camper! The dried figs slow me down and almost make it achievable to get the 34 chews per mouthful of food for optimum digestion. Needless to say I have been failing this task most meals. Peep’s I AM HUNGRY!

I have been struggling with the food a little, but it’s amazing to me how little we actually need to eat to survive and sparkle.

We then have a choice of YING or YANG morning activities, followed by a seminar on one of the many facets of health, before lunch at 1pm.

After we have had our soup, salad, and protein it’s time for DREAMTIME. This is anything you want it to be. Gwinganna has the largest day spa in the Southern Hemisphere and people book amazing treatments to have each afternoon.

Tuesday I had quite the off putting afternoon. I had a Soul Path reading. This is pretty much a psychic reading and I am ALL about the woo-woo. Bring that stuff ON.


I love this sort of thing, and usually come out feeling inspired and grounded. Instead this psychic left me feeling panicked and skeptical.  NOT A FAN. The poor woman kept getting names, scenarios, and character traits wrong, as well as giving a pretty swift warning from my passed Aunty to my Dad. I was on the phone to mum right away, and needless to say my Dad is wonderful and he will be fine.

I think it was meant with good intentions, but talk about your not so fuzzy feeling’s.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad.

Far from it.

I have had the opportunity to meet the most AMAZING bunch of people from all walks of life. All bought here with the same desire to change their lives for the better. To detox themselves from the real world and whatever ails them.

I have made some great friends, had real laughs, and tried new things. I have stepped outside my comfort zone, I have done some real soul searching, and I am settled. I have actually been reading books, sleeping during the day, EVERY DAY and sitting with wallabies.

The day’s have been good, but Im not a spa girl, so my day’s have been quiet. Not today. Today was the day that was AMAZING. I took part in an Equine Therapy Session. It rocked my world. 8 of us brave souls signed up for this, not really knowing what it was. We were told to meet at the round yard for 8:30am sharp and be ready.

Needless to say as soon as I smelt the horse I got giddy with excitement. Horses are my happy. Beside a horse is where I learnt so much about respect, kindness, knowing your place, compromise and love. Today we learnt natural horsemanship and how to communicate most effectively through our different personality types, all whilst in the ring with a 600kg legend names Stevie Wonder. What a Rock Star. He was a royal chestnut colour with a broken white blaze and I wanted to be his friend. SERIOUSLY!

Today I learnt how to move a horse from standing still, to around the yard, to walk, trot and canter all without a rope or touching the horse in ANY way. Just by being an effective communicator. Through the use of body language, trust, openness, and a whole ton of calm I did it.

We did it.

I have never felt so accomplished in my life.

For those of you who don’t know I grew up with horses, they were my passion, they were my first love and they make me feel more ME, then anything else.

I had forgotten what it was like to feel THAT joy.

I never want to forget that again. I will take that away with me as I leave here tomorrow.

So, my question to you is what brings you JOY?

What is it that makes you soooooooo giddy and your heart filled with love and happiness that you always feel better for doing it?

My next question is how often do you make time to have this be part of your life?

If you are not having this be part of your life every day or every week…. WHY?

YOU deserve that joy.

YOU deserve that happiness.

YOU need to experience this and plan for it.

YOU have time.

I would LOVE to hear what it is that make’s you THAT sort of happy.

Share in the comments below.

Next blog will be from me in the real world…my world.

I like it there and I will be happy to be back.

Love Kt.

Project LIFE PAUSE, Part One.

Well, well, well….hold onto your hats because you are coming with me!

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

I had barely any Internet access so I thought I would do the next couple of blogs as my diary whilst I was at the retreat.

Here is a little insight into my thud into the world of ASPIRING WELLNESS WARRIORS. I did not dip my toe into the pool of possibility. I “cannon balled”, Ron Burgundy style in.

Project Gwinganna Retreat is in full swing.

Sunday afternoon I arrived, and I had my BEST bright hot pink and purple harem pants, that to me said I was easy going, vibrant, and ready for change. I spent a good chunk of my Saturday planning out the prefect outfit. Actually, what my pants really said was I was actually quite impractical which I soon worked out.

Everyone was dressed in calm greens, whites and creams, sensible shoes, hair swept back just so and looking like angels. I was not….Hahaha.

Never mind I had packed for EVERYTHING. Everyone else was touting a carry on, I had bought the bag I used to travel around Europe in for a month. Once again… NEVER MIND, I have everything except a super warm jumper (DAMMIT) and some in between shoes (SHOOT). I have joggers and thongs.

This should create some interesting outfits… I AM UP FOR THE CHALLENGE.

I get shown to my room via a golf buggy, and I am keen to get settled. My room is divine, overlooking an orchard and I have 2 tiny wallabies having a great time just outside my window. I can totally tell we are going to be friends 🙂

First question, “Do I need a password for the WiFi?” “Mrs Dean there is no WiFi” Says Cameron looking very smug.

Second question, “That’s ok, Ill just watch some movies, where is the TV hidden?”, “There are no TV’s at Gwinganna Mrs Dean”

I am not going to lie. I did slightly have a little moment where I was all UH-OH….what have I done.

Do I run?

Nope…I am going to embrace this. I believe that I am here 100% for a reason, and this is exactly what I need. To disconnect. I had no premeditated ideas about what I was going to experience here but I know it’s going to test me and be wonderful. The universe doesn’t always give us what we want, but it gives us what we need. Apparently I need solitude 🙂

We had juices, orientation and the realization that I am not only on a retreat, but a DETOX. A full on, 100%, no sugar, gluten, dairy, caffeine, no packaged food of any kind, liver cleansing DETOX.

I can hear you all laughing.

Now, my diet is very balanced normally. I avoid added sugars, I have been dairy and gluten free for many years and eat a predominantly whole foods diet. I have even cut down my coffee intake to 1-2 a week. So I knew this part would be fine for me. A joy actually, to not have to cook. I was however worried how the other wellness warrior’s would fare once their withdrawals set in. (Must lock door at night)

Dinner was lovely, the forced mingling was actually not so bad, and I really enjoyed meeting all of these people each with a different reason for being here. Each on a different journey. All here because something needed to change. We finished off the evening with a magnesium and lemon shot that was designed to help “get things moving”. This should be interesting.  The next day I find it’s totally normal to be stopped by 3-4 people and asked how your “magnesium” went for all the days after .

Check your modesty at the door. Elimination is spoken about ALOT!….Hahaha.

Hat’s off to them for having the guts to do this. I can tell for some this is going to be harder then others, but they are doing it. I LOVE THAT, yay for the human spirit!

This week is going to help me to get back to ME. To be Katie again with no computer, no facebook, no work, no husband, no puppy,  no attachments.

Just me…some questionable fashion choices, and the total desire to see what comes of it.

When was the LAST time you did something for the FIRST time?

Have a real think about that.

I am open to all the possibilities and awkward moments I can squeeze into one week…trust me…there are MANY!

Stay tuned for Part 2.


Love Kt.

Personally, Im a HUGE fan of peaches :)



Ain’t this the truth. You can’t please everyone and we really shouldn’t be trying.

So often we turn ourselves inside out, upside down, back to front, all on the quest to please someone else, fit the bill, tick that box.

The thing is, we will never be everyone’s ideal. We will never float everyone’s boat, someone will always think we are slightly off our rocker.

THAT’S A GOOD THING!! I don’t mind if people don’t agree with all of my life choices. I don’t mind if they think that I am slightly out there, or annoyingly bubbly.

I love who I am. The perfect storm of big hair, wicked humour and good intentions. I am 100% ok with that.

I wasn’t always though.  For many of my 31 years I would get so incredibly anxious and upset that I wasn’t ENOUGH. I would worry myself sick that people would judge me, that I wasn’t at the right places, that my hair was to curly, that I would say the wrong thing, that I would never amount to anything, and it all got to much. Some day’s I would be paralysed in fear, I would drive all the way to Sydney to go to a job, but I would be SO ANXIOUS that I would fail, that I couldn’t go in.

I would be so timid at the beach, because I had cellulite, that it was a battle for me to go. I WAS SO TINY. I was beautiful and I was young and I didn’t see it. What a shame. “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world and someone is still going to hate peaches”. THANK YOU Dita Von Tesse.

The only person who needs to be OK with who you are, is YOU.


The sooner that you free yourself from needing approval from others, and start following your passion and your dream, the happier you will be.




I know I share this often, and that’s because IT ROCKS!!!

9 times out of 10, everyone else is far to busy worrying about their own journey and packets of discomfort to worry about what we are doing anyway. We need to shed the ego, and realise it’s not all about US. We are not the centre of everyone’s Universe, they do not talk about us after we leave a room, we are not the main topic of conversation.

We are however designed to be US better then ANYONE else on the face of this earth. YOU are an original, don’t become a copy.

So…are you with me??

Are you ready to shake it off and start doing EXACTLY what it is that YOU want to do and being totally ok with it ?

I hope you find the courage to march to the beat of your bongo on your life’s journey… the music is the best you will ever hear.

Have the most AMAZING day.

Love Kt.

Walkin’ the walk.

Honour yourself

I am FOREVER spouting on about self care, and taking time to stop and smell the roses.

I think it’s VITAL.

I think it keeps us, US and we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of others.

I booked it, the 7 weeks have passed and I am off to Gwinganna retreat on Sunday for 7 soul nourishing days filled with yoga, bushwalking, organic food and REST.

I toyed with the idea of this for many, MANY moons.

Is it self indulgent to take a week just for myself?

Should I spend this money on me and me alone?

What about everything I am leaving behind? Will everyone survive without me for 7 days?

The answer to each question was ABSOLUTELY.

A retreat is TOTALLY self indulgent, and I believe I deserve it. Being self indulgent is a way of showing some self respect. Its showing self love, and when we love ourselves, everything works. When we take time out of our busy schedules, it’s a way for us to honor ourselves and listen to what we truly need. I HEAR YOU UNIVERSE.

I work REALLY hard every day, a little time out is well deserved, and everyone will cope. In fact my clients are booting me out the door. YAY FOR THEM. I will come back recharged, and inspired and ready to go gangbusters for the rest of the year.

I will most definitely be sharing my experience’s with you, and if I have any lightbulb moments, disturbing stories or spy other guests in their bath robes at dinner you guys will be the FIRST to know.

When we take time for ourselves, we recharge, we find US again, we become sparkly.

If you spread yourself too thin, you become all strung out, stretched, stringy, and BEIGE. We have no time for beige in our bright lives.

Now, you don’t have to take 7 days to head to the mountains and totally switch off to recharge ( but you totally could…go on… DO IT).

People spend all day waiting for 5pm, all week waiting for Friday, and all year waiting for Summer. What a waste. I am a huge believer in creating a life you don’t need to escape from, but for me this is not an escape. This was on my LOVE LIST, I am ALL about the LOVE LIST.

You can find ways to make self care part of your every day life.

How? Im so glad you asked!

I want you to make a list of 7 things you could do, right now to give you some YOU time.

Think bubble bath, or reading a book, go for a walk, MEDITATE, yoga class, NAP, knit… whatever floats your boat. This is all about making YOU happy. A way for you to CALM YOUR FARM so to speak.

I want you to schedule one of these in EVERY DAY for 1 week, and you can start today OR you can start on Sunday with me. That way we are both having a week of recharging the batteries.

So..get your sparkly pens out, set yourself up with a cup of rose tea and get all sorts of decadent with yourself. 7 things you can do, 1 each day do to find your Zen, and your balance, and serve no other purpose but to make YOU feel good. .

Before you question this, may I jump in and say, YES you do deserve this, YES you can spare this time, YES it is self indulgent, and thats why it ROCKS.

It’s all about YOU with this task. Are you ready? GO!


******** A LOVE LIST is a list of 100 things that I would LOVE to do, this is not a bucket list because a bucket list is motivated by us running out of time and kicking the bucket. WE WANT TO BE INSPIRED BY LOVE and by LIVING.  I’ll tell you more about this list later on in another blog. So many exciting things coming up 🙂 ********

Chat soon,

Love Kt.

Are you a BODY BULLY?

Be nice to yourself.

What do you say when you look in the mirror?

Be honest.

Are you all “I am rockin’ these jeans..watch out Beyonce ” or “I do not even deserve to wear clothes”?

Don’t laugh because I had that moment last night. I looked down and had a “how the fluff did this happen?”. Then I took myself to bed in a huff.

It was 7pm on a Friday night. What a tantrum.

This morning I knew I had to address this because it’s not ok, it’s zero fun, and I know I am not alone.

I have had a trying week, and all the optimism, and affirmations, healthy choice’s left the building and the pity party rocked up…table set for one.

Let me tell you. I do not care to attend these parties. Not often, but every now and then, I am front row centre, VIP guest.

Body bullying is something I deal with, with my work every day. I have the pleasure of training some of the most beautiful, inspiring women, but for many of them they just don’t see it. They aren’t on their own team. Its my job to teach them to grab their pom poms and cheer themselves on to victory.

Its hard to he happy when someone is mean to you all the time.

I am usually really good at accepting what I see and appreciating that I do the best with what I have. Its super easy being in the industry that I am, to pick myself to pieces, but friends, comparison is the thief of joy. I know I live a super healthy lifestyle, I know I make the right choices and train 6 days a week. If I am going to have a little jiggle up when I walk, then so be it.


Aint nothin’ wrong with a bit of bounce…. HA!

We need to love ourselves enough to live a healthy lifestyle.

When you love and approve of yourself you WANT to make the best choices for your body, and your health.

No more picking yourself to pieces in front of the mirror, or comparing yourself to others.

“Aint nobody got time for that”.

We need to embrace our bodies, talk to ourselves with kindness, and be our biggest supporters.

Each time you are in front of the mirror today, and from this moment forward, I want you to say “I LOVE & APPROVE OF MYSELF”.

Actually, say it now!




Mantra of the day peeps. Don’t just say it, BELIEVE it. Say it until you do.

This may take a few days for some, it doesn’t matter. We have the time 🙂

I hope you realise you are beautiful, and you have the courage to tell the negative committee that is inside your head to sit down, shut up, you don’t want to hear it. BOOM….like a boss!

Love and light to you rockstar.

Love Kt.